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Casper Elgin | you’ll be better someday

oh, and you wouldn’t seem so mad

if it wasn’t for your unconventional motions

you wouldn’t seem so selfish

if you could just finish a simple conversation

I love the audio from Lost in this. Perfect song.

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As I get older, it gets easier to dump people I don’t need. You don’t have to try to save everyone. Most people will suck worse than you. Fact of life.

Nick Diener, The Swellers

Track By Track: The Swellers, ‘The Light Under Closed Doors’

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If you give someone shit for not doing drugs or not drinking, fuck yoooooouuuuuuuuuu

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It felt like fall today which was cool and I landed a hippy jump a couple times while skating with friends so life is good.

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Possible near death experience?

I was in taco bell in line behind two guys (looked like crack heads) and my friend tried to throw me her credit card but it accidentally hit one of the guys in the head (very lightly of course). I went to pick it up and he started yelling at me and then her, calling her a cunt bitch and whatnot.
She apologized multiple times and said how it was an accident but he didn’t let up.
Then he yelled at me for being taller than him. We started to leave and he followed us out and I thought he was going to attack us, but then he just yelled for his girlfriend to fight us.
And then we got in my car and left very quickly.

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Q: come to NC and play at my house sometime


we’d be so down! hopefully we’ll tour soon!


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Lewis Marnell RIP. Skateboarder’s Journal, 2006.

Cap’n Jazz

Kinsellas are gods